September 19, 2019

Student Spotlight: Maggie King

By Faith Brown


With the highly anticipated Players production of Legally Blonde coming up this week, I sat down with Maggie King who plays Elle Woods to get a behind-the-scenes take on the show. Still considering whether to go see the musical this weekend? Read below to be convinced!


FAITH: Can you talk a little bit about your involvement in Players? When did it start and why did you join?


MAGGIE: Ever since I was in kindergarten, all of my babysitters were in Players, so when I was younger I used to go to rehearsals and shows and watch. So naturally, when I got to high school, Players was the first group that I wanted to join. My freshman year through my junior year, I never had a big part, and in the spring production I always did crew, so this is actually my first production with real speaking lines. It’s really exciting, especially in addition to being president of Players this year. With all of my involvement — and there is a lot — I wouldn’t have changed anything.


FAITH: What has been the most fun Players production to work on so far?


MAGGIE: Definitely this one! It’s such a silly show and it’s about having fun the whole entire time! You’ll get to see me in a blonde wig, which is hilarious! I really love our cast this year, and I think this show is going to be one for the books. I think people are going to love it.


FAITH: How did you prepare for the role of Elle Woods?


MAGGIE: I loved this show before we even chose it, so I’ve seen it multiple times — which is embarrassing, I know — but it is always on in the background while I am doing my homework. For Elle, I had to channel my inner “basic” person. She is very superficial and obsessed with clothes and her hair, and I’m not really like that at all, so I had to really find that person deep down inside of me which is really difficult but also fun. I think it’s a side that everyone has.


FAITH: What has been the biggest challenge in producing Legally Blonde?


MAGGIE: This year we decided to take on the responsibility of educating the cast, crew, and student body about stereotypes in the show, so what has been difficult for me is coordinating this new program because we have never done it before. We talked with SAGE, GSA, US Affinity, and Ms. Jernigan. This was a really big task and not one that we took lightly. We plan to continue this with every show in the future. I think of each show as an opportunity to start a conversation, and I hope everyone comes to our meetings.


FAITH: If you could choose one production for Players to put on, what would it be?


MAGGIE: Well it was this one, but it’s happened. So, I’d have to say Wicked. It’s such a good one, and I think I’d make a great Elphaba.


FAITH: Why should the students go see Legally Blonde?


MAGGIE: You should go see Legally Blonde for a number of reasons:


  1. All of your classmates are hilarious.
  2. I will be blonde, but still have my brown eyebrows.
  3. Michael Wrede and David Moslow are a couple in the show.
  4. I have to kiss Wilson.


I could go on and on, but basically the music is really fun, and we’ve all put a lot of hard work into it. Everyone in Players loves what we do and we want to share it with you- oh my god, I know I just rhymed, and that is so lame, but seriously, come see the show!