September 19, 2019

Election 2016: A Conservative View

imagesBy Parker Popky

This year, the United States is burdened with the decision of who will run our country for the next four years. When I was asked to write this article, I was hesitant, simply because going back and watching the debates makes me physically ill. Nonetheless, I persevered through 270 minutes of insults and backward-twisted facts from both candidates, and I have come to this conclusion: Trump 2016.

In the first debate, Clinton was on the offensive with her smug smile and egotistical self-flattery, but Trump was quick with zingers about her emails, NAFTA and her lack of action against ISIS. Of course, he made a point of calling attention to the ever-controversial topic of Clinton’s e-mails.( First, the facts: the FBI spent a long time investigating Hillary Clinton for exchanging classified information on a personal server. Although the FBI has repeatedly declined to indict Mrs. Clinton, her decision to use a personal server raises questions. The personal server was run out of a basement in upstate NY and had far inferior security compared to her government-run e-mail server. This lack of security opened the way to someone “hacking” her e-mails, presumably gaining access to potentially dangerous classified information. Hillary’s go-to response during the debates was a classic redirect towards Trump’s tax returns which, granted, have not been released. Both of these candidates face real issues in this instance, but Hillary’s disregard for public safety should be a clear red flag.

Trump’s tax returns and Hilary’s e-mails are minor compared to the issues Americans truly need to have addressed – subjects like plans to defeat ISIS, agitation in the Middle East and the U.S. economy. Trump’s plan to defeat ISIS is vague, to say the least. He has not given any specifics because he claims that it would “tip them off.” The most concrete statement from Trump regarding his plan is that he will give each of the top U.S. generals 30 days to draft a plan to defeat ISIS and, from there, pick the one he and his advisors feel will be most effective. This plan is brilliant. Donald Trump may lean towards militarism, but he is by no means a military expert. He knows this and understands that the top generals of the US military will, without a doubt, be able to draft a plan far superior to anything he or Mrs. Clinton can come up with. Any U.S. president has a cabinet of 15 confidants who serve as head of each executive department. Each executive department has anywhere from 4 to 50 chief advisors.( If numbers stay the same, Trump will have 130 experienced, educated advisors at his disposal and he will listen to their advice because he understands that they know better.

Trump’s stance on agitation in the Middle East is similar. The world has come to the conclusion that when the Bush administration supported regime change in 2007 they started an “I’m on top” battle for power between nearly a dozen Middle Eastern groups. The U.S. tried fixing it by sending in troops, but that changed it from a political war to a real war. Then Obama took office and took possibly the worst action he could have. He pulled out all of our troops but continued what Bush started: arming a number of different revolutions, most of which were soon extinguished and whose arms made their way to ISIS and Al-Qaeda. To fix the problem Trump, plans on taking swift and vicious military action against terror groups in the area, with accurately targeted deployment of both airstrikes and troops.( The plan is a tough sell because no one wants to send “our boys” into the Middle East, but if we truly want to stifle the crisis and help establish sustainable governments, we may need to make sacrifices in the name of democracy.

Finally, we arrive at Trump’s strongest point: the economy. America’s domestic economy is both unsatisfactory and unsustainable. A graph of the U.S. GDP could be best described as a roller coaster or the Rocky Mountains: a few ups and lots of hard drops. Trump’s plan starts with the claim that he will “create 25 million jobs.” a spectacular feat I have confidence he will be able to achieve. He intends to drastically lower tax rates on all families. His plan simplifies the tax code from 7 to 3 brackets, the lowest bracket will save an estimated 35%, the middle bracket will save 30%, and the highest bracket (couples earning over $5 million dollars per year) 3%. He plans on lowering business taxes considerably in an effort to sway investors to invest domestically as opposed to investing overseas. He plans on giving U.S.-based manufacturers the ability to deduct expansion costs from their taxes, incentivizing them to grow and create more jobs. His full plan can be found by searching “FACT SHEET: DONALD J. TRUMP’S PRO-GROWTH ECONOMIC POLICY WILL CREATE 25 MILLION JOBS”.(

Trump has spent his entire life building an empire known as the Trump Corporation. He has done so by listening to his advisors and lawyers, and by waking up every day with a can-do, winning attitude. For almost 50 years he has represented the Trump Corporation and he has done whatever was necessary to make it thrive. If elected he will represent the United States of America and he will similarly do whatever it takes to make America thrive. Trump doesn’t owe favors to billionaires for donations, the FBI hasn’t indicted him even once, and he has only one goal. Make America Great Again. Trump 2016.