September 19, 2019

Blue and Gold Day, 2017

By Haley Unthank

It’s 7:50 am. On any other school day, students spend this time sitting in the Commons, catching up on homework, or calmly finishing breakfast. But it’s no ordinary day. Today is Blue and Gold Day.

Looking out from the Senior Commons window, there is a sea of blue and gold. The senior boys watch from a safe distance as the opposing teams have an unofficial pep rally. The mob stops traffic, as the passionate cheering reached decibel levels nearly unsafe for human ears.

Before 8:15, the pep rally makes its way inside. The halls have been extravagantly decorated by the Blue and Gold seniors the night before, with signs and streamers covering all walls and glitter coating the floor. As class time nears, the halls begin to go quiet, and the high-school boys emerge from their hiding places. Now students must go through three classes before the real events of the day begin.

At 11:15 students are released from class. Girls run to the much-anticipated pep rally in the Vare Field House, and boys head to All School Day activities. Once the pep rally starts, the opposing teams waste no time before beginning to cheer, shout, and jump around. Ear buds are offered to anyone wishing to watch. Soon, the captains make their way to the bleachers. Blue captains chose “Deep Blue Devils” for their costumes, and continued the underwater theme with their make-up, hair, accessories and decorations. Gold chose “Lion’s Den,” with each grade dressed as a different jungle animal, while seniors were lions and captains were kings of the jungle. As the pep rally draws to a close, teams head to their separate lunch locations to wind down before the games begin.

         2017 Blue and Gold Day Race Results:

Gold built up a sizeable lead early on, winning all but one Lower School race. However, Blue put up a fight in the middle school races and the two teams went into high school tied. Gold won the infamously difficult 9th-grade pillow polo race, which shifted them towards the lead. The 10th grade race was very close with Gold edging out Blue in the final meters. 11th grade Gold won their first race in two years, securing the win for the entire Gold team. Both 12-grade teams went into the tug of war very excited, despite already knowing what team would win. Gold started off with a good initial pull, but slowly lost ground to Blue, which won the event. The final score was 16 points to 10 points, with Gold coming out on top.