September 19, 2019

An Interview with Student Body Presidents, Seth Rabinowitz and Samiyah Wardlaw

By Lilly Soroko and Grace Yang for the Campus Lantern


With almost two months of school under our belts, we sat down with the Student Body Presidents, Samiyah and Seth, to discuss their thoughts on the first week, hear some of their goals for the year, and learn some interesting facts about their interests and experiences at SCH.


Q: Were you nervous about giving the first senior speeches?

Samiyah: I’m always nervous to speak in front of people.

Seth: Because we were giving the first ones at such a large ceremony, I think it definitely amplified my nerves, not because I had to speak in front of everyone, but because I was worried if everyone would like what I had to say or could connect with the message I wanted to get across.


Q: How did you choose your topic for your senior speech?

Samiyah: I knew I wanted to talk about leadership, but I also wanted to use a quote, so I wrote my speech around them.

Seth: Ever since freshman year, I have been writing down possible topics for my senior speech. This past summer when I was sitting in the dining hall at camp I wondered, “What impact did I have? What legacy will I leave? What will people remember me for here?” The thought of camp continuing after I was gone really inspired me to write my speech.


Q: What’s one change you would like to accomplish this year?

Samiyah: Something we talk about a lot is assembly. We want to make it more fun and organized for everyone.

Seth: To get a larger sense of Blue Devil pride. We don’t have a lot of tangible steps to get there, but the year is still young.  


Q: If you were a freshman, what is one piece of advice you would give yourself?

Samiyah: I would probably say that it gets better. Nothing is as bad as you think.

Seth: Get your work done and get involved, but don’t care about what others think. Have fun. As a new student to the school freshman year, I really cared about what people thought about me, and it really didn’t allow me to be my true self until junior year. It would have been a lot easier if I had gotten to that point sooner.


Q: How do you de-stress?

Samiyah: I think that, over time, you just get better at coping with stress. You do your little things that you do to de-stress, but like I said before, nothing is as bad as you think.

Seth: Thinking about what I have to do stresses me out, but to stay organized, I space everything out and write it out a schedule.


Q: What is your favorite spot on campus?

Samiyah: The table in front of Ms. Gehr’s office. I love that table because you can see everything that is going on. You never miss anything.

Seth: I really like being at the Cherokee campus late after school. Just hanging out with the people who stay until five or six o’clock creates a connection outside of our regular classes.


Q: Will H block ever be reinstated?

Samiyah: (laughing) Not under our administration.

Seth: Maybe we’re working on something, maybe not.


Q: What subject would you teach if you were a teacher?

Samiyah: I would teach history.

Seth: Maybe a philosophy course or some fun elective.


Q: If you could trade places with Dr. Druggan for the day, what would you do?

Samiyah: The world would be at my fingertips. I would just invite everybody over for lunch.

Seth: I would go to his house and make pizza in the pizza oven in his backyard.



Samiyah’s and Seth’s senior speeches both talked about the idea of legacy and impact. By tackling the challenges of leadership with hard work and humor, they both hope to have a lasting, positive impact on our community this year.