The Music! The Romance! The Play!

By Mahaa Ayub

Since the announcement in June that the 2018-2019 fall musical would be Mamma Mia, the SCH community has been abuzz with excitement. The Mamma Mia fever started this summer with the release of the sequel — Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again — to the original film, and the level of
energy is now unparalleled.

Mamma Mia follows young Sophie Sheridan, a role that is double-cast for the SCH production with Sabrina Wang and Katie Walker. She has invited three men, each of whom she believes might be her father, to her wedding. Gracie Lubisky, Class of 2019 and Players President, plays Donna Sheridan, the mother of Sophie, and she is sure to be a showstopper with her amazing voice and acting skills. With nearly forty students in the ensemble and thirteen leads, Mamma Mia will be an epic production. Cast and crew have been working since late August to put on a spectacular show.

I had the opportunity to talk to a few members about their experience in Players, and I invite you to look at the production of Mamma Mia through the eyes of Katie Walker (Sophie Sheridan),Kenneth Barrist (Harry Bright), and Ethan Gettes (Set Crew).

Katie Walker: “Being in Players makes any and every day better. My whole day could have been the worst ever, but the second I get to Players everything changes. Mamma Mia is a play that my mom and I would talk about when I was little, and I am so happy that I get to do it now—especially playing Sophie! This year feels very special to me because I am an upperclassman, and it is also the first time my brother isn’t with me in Players—which is so strange! I am so excited to show off all the work we have done!”

Ethan Gettes: “Players constantly has this positive and uplifting energy that I haven’t seen anywhere else in the school. Even as someone who isn’t in cast (I’m on set crew), I still feel the Players magic just be being in the Rec. This year feels extremely different because I’m finally one of the seniors, and I am so used to having people to look up to. I am now one of the oldest people in Players, and while I miss and love the seniors from last year, it is nice to be in the lead!”

Kenneth Barrist: “My position in Players is to oversee the students (with Gracie of course) and be an advocate for them to the leadership. We also organize the Players traditions which are extremely time-consuming. An example of the work Players presidents do would be us creating a clothing catalog for Players. I am most excited to lead traditions as president because Players has been a big part of my life for four years and to lead and help shape its future is really special to me. This show is different because of how intense it is. It’s two-and-a-half hours of high-energy singing, dancing, and corny dialogue. Since Mamma Mia is a “Jukebox musical,” the plot is loosely based around the songs, and therefore the music is the main focus. Mrs. Rogers always has to tell us to calm down and “find our stillness” because we are always so energetic.”

Join the fun and come see Mamma Mia at the Rec on November 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th. Tickets are now available at but be sure to buy them soon. Tickets are selling out fast!